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    Double Taxed is the official website for the Double Taxation Working Group, a project of the Coalition for Tax Competition. Our mission is to eliminate instances of double taxation, including death, capital gains and dividends taxes.
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Candidates Tackling Double Taxation

Posted by Brian Garst on July 14, 2010

Echoing the growing concern among the electorate over unfair and burdensome government taxation, 2010 Senate candidates Rand Paul (Kentucky) and Marco Rubio (Florida) are hoping to seize this popular tax movement by promoting positions against double taxation.

Rand Paul is highlighting his opponent’s support of the pending death tax hike at the end of the year.  Opposing the tax, he says, “Every single dime you have when you die has already been taxed at least once and probably more. To then subject your death to an additional tax is wrong … we shouldn’t be trying to decide what rate the Death Tax should be, we should instead be keeping it where it is – zero.”

Marco Rubio recently outlined his “Ideas to Reclaim America,” including 12 ideas to grow the economy.  Idea 3# calls for the permanent end to the death tax, while Idea #4 calls for ending all double taxation.  “Washington shouldn’t be able to tax the same income two or three times. That means no more job-destroying double taxation of capital gains, dividends or death.”  We completely agree.

The Double Taxation Working Group does not endorse candidates, but is pleased when any politician or candidate recognizes the problems relating to double taxation.  We want to see more candidates, on both sides of the aisle, running campaigns that recognize voter demands for an end to unfair double taxation.

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