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    Double Taxed is the official website for the Double Taxation Working Group, a project of the Coalition for Tax Competition. Our mission is to eliminate instances of double taxation, including death, capital gains and dividends taxes.
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Senator DeMint Seeks to Force Death Tax Vote

Posted by Brian Garst on July 20, 2010

We recently praised Senator DeMint for his efforts on capital gains and dividends.  Now, he’s promising an effort to force a vote this week on permanently eliminating the death tax.

“The death tax kills jobs, hurts small businesses, destroys family farms and President Obama’s plan to hike it from zero percent  to 55 percent next year is unconscionable,” said Senator DeMint. “The death tax is an unfair, immoral double tax on property and assets that folks have already paid taxes on throughout their lives…”

The death tax continues to feature prominently in the news.  In addition to Senator DeMint’s efforts, Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle will hold a press conference with the American Family Business Institute, a Working Group member, on July 22nd to announce her signature of the AFBI’s “Death Tax Repeal Pledge.”  AFBI has an interactive map tracking the over 300 candidates which have already signed the pledge.

Here are some other mentions of the death tax in the news:

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