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Bureaucrats are Always Concocting New Schemes to Fleece Residents

Posted by Brian Garst on September 17, 2010

This news report demonstrates the lengths to which bureaucrats will go to pick your pocket.  It doesn’t matter if your taxes have already ostensibly paid for government services, many local governments are now double taxing for the use of emergency services, even if they never get out of their vehicle to actually help you.

Cary Feldman was astride his motor scooter, three cars back at a stoplight in Chicago Heights, Ill., last June when a car bumped him from behind. “It was nothing,” the 71-year old said. “I fell off and got right back up. As I was getting up I noticed a fire truck slow, look at me, and pull away. It never stopped and I didn’t think anything of it.”

But five months later, Feldman received a bill for $200, to cover the cost of the fire truck showing up at the scene of his accident. For months, he argued the charge with the fire department while he fought with his and the other driver’s insurance companies to pay it.

He gave up when a collection agency called. “There was no way to fight it. No court to appeal to,” he complained. “It was extortion.”

Feldman paid the bill, but he is still angry. “They are despicable thieves,” he says.

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